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Cece’s Story

Cece’s Story written by Maddie Arnold


It all started one bright morning at the Arnold household, one of my cats had died, and I was very upset and depressed.  It was almost my birthday and not good timing.  My mom did not like to see me like this. As the days went by and got hotter here in good ole’ Tucson, I missed my cats.  My birthday was right around the corner.  My mom came up to me and said, “Maddie, we should go to the Humane Society to get you a new cat!” I was thrilled.

We drove 40 minutes to get there and right when I walked in I knew which one I wanted.  She was in the back, a black little kitten with green eyes, not getting any attention.   I couldn’t get to her, but I knew I wanted her.   I ran over to my Mom and remarked “I want that one!!” My mom walked over and didn’t like her because she was black, but that didn’t stop me.    

I sat there and begged her for 10 minutes.  Finally, she gave in and let me run over to a lady and say I want the black kitten over there!  The lady walked me over, opened the cage and grabbed my little kitten.  I took her from the lady and hugged her like I had known her forever.       

We walked out of the room, and walked over to a little station with walls, and filled out five pages of paperwork.  Finally, we were allowed to leave.  I had my new kitten in a little box and I couldn’t wait to get home to take her out of the box.  During the drive home, my mom and I talked about a name.  I had names like Fluffy, and Cutie, but my mom didn’t like the names I did.  My mom came up with the name of Cece.  I loved it and that was her name.  After only 40 minutes of driving, which felt like a lifetime, we arrived home.  I got in the house and took my little kitten out of the box.

I showed her where her litter box, food, and water dishes were and left her to do whatever she wanted.  Instead she decided to follow me around.  I loved it.   

She would follow me to get something cold to drink or something to eat and then follow me to the couch where I sat and watched T.V.  No matter where I was, she followed me. After two years of having her, she still does that.  Except now she’s fatter and sleeps with me too.  When I go to bed she lies on my chest and lays her head my cheek.  She always makes me feel better when I am down.  I pray to God to let her live forever, so that I will always be this happy.

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Munch Fryd rescued from the Pinal County Animal Shelter in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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Happy Thanksgiving

These wonderful pictures are by Tanja Askani.  Enjoy and have a beautiful Thanksgiving.


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Dancing in the streets of Jerusalem!

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Learning to Fly

© by Aleza Freeman 12 Nov 09

Evan shows off his toes,
cooing “Weee, weee, weeeee,”
and his button nose with a
“Honnnnnnnnnnnnk!”When a plane flies by
he points to the sky
and loudly says “Yeah!”
Only 18 months, and he already 
dreams of reaching for the stars.

Mommy points to the fish,
he answers “ish.”
Daddy puts on The Beatles,
he sings, “luhv, luhv, luhv.”

Where’s Evan’s belly?” ask mom and dad, 
and Evan quickly lifts his shirt.
Where’s Evan’s hair?
He proudly raises his
tiny hand to his golden curls.
A dimple forms on his grinning face.

Then mom decides to mix it up,
as she asks, “Where’s daddy’s hair?” 

This one’s a trick question.
Daddy has no hair. 

There’s a gleam in Evan’s eye 
as he searches his small,
but growing vocabulary.

He touches daddy’s smooth,
round head with his
outspread hand, and 
clear as day, declares “Ball!”


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Baby Otter

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Woodruff the Chili Dog

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The Note

by Chloe (10 years old) ~ Cairns, Australia

I called for youdog letter
     and you came
I sent you away
     and you went
I said I loved you
     and you walked away
I thought you’d understand
    why I do this
            But obviously you don’t

I called for you
     and I got some dog
In its’ mouth it had a note saying
                 “Why do you do this to me ?
           I’m not you,
                      but obviously
                                    You think I am “

I sat in my room
I cried and cried

I called for you
     and I got some cat
With a note in its mouth saying
                “Can you stop all this winging ?
           Its tiring me out
                    You keep on crying
                                   You’re gonna get the hiccups”

So I stop
I looked around
I said
       ”How does he do this ?
                         How ?
                                     How ?
If he is here right now
        Does he know what’s going on ?

So I called him
     and got some dog
With a note in its’ mouth saying
                “I’m not here.
                        And you know why
                               I hope you’re happy in this life”

I thought to myself
          “He thinks I’m happy”
I don’t know why

So I wrote a note
     I gave it to a dove
              It flew with it in its’ mouth

                                  To him

It came back with a note saying
         ”I’m at your door.
                    “I’ve come back”

So I ran to the door
          And he was there
With a girl
             And she was smiling

 He said,
                              “This is my girlfriend”

I slammed the door in his face
And I saw him walk away.

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children in tents

the sound of rain

a place I know

the smell of stew

the soft of snow

white cotton clouds

the touch of wet

the dogs I hug

the cats I pet

flashlights in tents

backyards all brown

the coldest days

leaves on the ground

a place I know

the sound of rain

a big Band-aid

no more pain


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd

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